NOTE: This procedure has been validated with OpenSSO promoted build4(Apr 1, 2008)


Create AD datastore


  • ./famadm create-datastore -m "AD_STORE" -t LDAPv3ForAD -D  datastore_AD_attrs.txt -v -u amadmin -f /tmp/pass
    -e /

Create Data store with SunDS+AM Schema


Create Datastore for generic LDAPv3(OpenLDAP)


Create Datastore for IBM Tivoli Directory Server



 To create and manage successfully identies in Tivoli, you need to load the following schema using ldapmodify



Update Datastore


The above command will update the bind DN and the password for the data store named "DSEE_STORE" in the root realm

Delete Data Store


  • ./famadm delete-datastores -m LDAPv3_STORE -v -u amadmin -f /tmp/pass -e /
  • ./famadm delete-datastores -m IBM_TIVOLI_STORE -v -u amadmin -f /tmp/pass -e /